F4 - Formula 4 Championship
India's first ever international FIA Graded Formula 4 Championship

Race to F3
Winner gets a free drive in the
F3 (Formula Regional) India Series 2022
12 FIA Points
Launched in 2014, FIA Formula 4 has been created to offer young racing drivers around the world the opportunity to take the first step from karting into the world of single-seater racing. Designed to be a globally recognised yet affordable step between Karting and the FIA Formula Regional Championship certified by FIA, Formula 4 certified by FIA allows drivers to compare themselves to the best young talent, not only in their own country, but across other championships around the world. The recipe is undoubtedly a successful one, as present championships boast impressive grids, and new regions are in the process of creating their own F4 setups. The F4 car has been designed to keep costs down while providing an ideal learning tool for young drivers who have never raced cars before



(International / International Female / Indian International / Indian / Reserve)